About Us


 The Percolation of BeanSafe®

We always wondered why the coffee we made at home never tasted the same as the rich brews found in coffee houses on every corner. Our curiosity and the love of coffee led to the creation of BeanSafe coffee storage solutions.

Coffee beans need to breathe to have that fresh “just roasted” taste. That involves the delicate diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide, coupled with keeping moisture and light at bay. On a search to bring the flavor home, we developed a clever coffee container with a patent-pending aeration system based on a self-monitoring valve which preserves the freshness of whole, roasted and ground coffee beans.

We discovered that before you brew those fine, expensive roasted coffee beans from around the world, how they’re stored is key to making a cup of coffee like those in our favorite coffee salons. Love your beans? Don’t let them live in a brown paper bag! Store them properly in a BeanSafe, protected from air, moisture, heat and light.

When you’re ready to brew the beans, your coffee will taste exactly the way you like it, every time. 

BeanSafe received notice as a Best New Product 2013 from leading trade industry experts at the Coffee Fest Show. Thank you!

In stainless steel and a fashionable range of designer colors, BeanSafe also adds a touch of chic to every home kitchen. Give BeanSafe a try. Discover the great tasting coffee you’ve been missing at home. Now that’s using your bean!

BeanSafe is one of the new ideas in storage of food and other edibles introduced by Regency Products International, Inc. Come back soon and see what’s next!