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Many coffee-lovers spend considerable time, energy and money trying to brew the best possible coffee at home — but wind up frustrated in their efforts. Very often, the problem is not in the quality of their beans or their coffee-preparation method. Instead, their biggest barrier to great coffee is how their coffee beans have been stored.

Few coffee-lovers grasp this key fact, but it’s really no secret. Once roasted, coffee beans must be stored properly to preserve the fresh taste of the bean. Air, moisture, heat and light are the biggest enemies of coffee freshness. Coffee in a refrigerator or freezer can even pick up odors and moisture from its surroundings. This is not the road to coffee freshness.

Folded-over bags are generally not ideal for long-term storage because they allow air to enter. A better package contains a one-way valve, which prevents air from entering. That one-way valve is exactly what BeanSafe® coffee canisters have.

The Coffee storage solution
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